T-150 Kusakari Kiyouki Tsuba

Excellent Brass Tsuba with Sendai Inlay

Design is of one of the seven gods of good luck, Jurojin who was the god of longevity. He is often depicted with other long living creatures such as tortoise, crane, and deer as the case in this example. It is rare to find good large brass tsuba examples and even rarer to find one with such excellent inlay work and in excellent condition. This type of inlay is famous in the Sendai region and is an superb representation of the work. Kiyoyuki was born in Sendai and studied under the second Kiyosada. He was the son of the first Kiyosada and then later became a student of Omori Terumitsu and moved to Edo.

Late Edo

Signed Kusakari Kiyoyuki (kao) NBTHK Hozon certified

8.27 x 7.63 x .43 cm