C-70 Kikuchi Yari

Very unusual blade known originally as a kikuchi yari. Many of these type of yari were modified later to be used as a tanto. Because they were edged only on one side, this made them easy to modify for use as a tanto. In the Nanbokucho period, there was a special order for around 1000 pieces by a minor lord to do battle against a superior force. The Kikuchi yari were very effective as they could both be used for stabbing as well as hacking due to the shape similar to a straight naginata. They usually are very thick just as in our example and are usually around 8-10 mm. The hamon is a nice sugu midare nie deki, with a itame masame nagare hada. Sunagashi is present in the hamon.

This blade is accompanied with a nice shibui koshirae. The fuchi kashira are smooth shakudo, and the nice horse menuki are done in gold. The tsuba is a silver plate with fine kiribori of tree branch ends. The saya is a very nice cloud designed ishime lacquer. A very nice package for a rare and unusual item.


Unsigned - Higo kikuchi school

32cm cutting edge / 12mm thick