C-91 Ko Mihara Katana

Very nice blade attributed to the Ko Mihara School.

The Ko Mihara School was well known for its beautiful jigane. Often confused with the Aoe School, many Ko Mihara blades share similar traits as that School. This blade has a very nice suguha hamon filled with ashi. The hamon totally resembles a Aoe blade, and it is possible this blades attribution may change with a different polish. Either way, it just shows what a high quality blade this sword is, the hada is a gorgeous itame, mokume filled with chikei and ji nie. The additional of the dual grooves running full length of the sword just help the shape show the classic late Kamakura , early Nanbokucho shape. The blade has a beautiful sugata, and still retains a very healthy structure. The quality of both the hamon, and the jigane show well, and shows why this blade deserves its Juyo Token status. If you want a very high quality blade at a educed price, this is the sword. We believe that soon, Juyo blades with such hih quality will start to go up in value. The blade has an old shirasaya that has a sayagaki by Honnami Koson attributing the blade to Aoe Yoshitsugu that is included as well. It also has a new saya by Tanobe-sensei of the NBTHK.
Late 1200’s, early 1300’s
Unsigned NBTHK Juyo Token to Ko Mihara. Sayagaki by Tanobe Sensei of the NBTHK
Length of cutting edge - 69.85cm